About us

Fine Arts Evolution is a fine art management organization that works with and supports talented artists. We are proud to offer an engaging platform that showcases artwork in a way that brings art and the artists’ stories to life for collectors and art lovers. Our platform provides an immersive experience that allows our clients to connect with the artwork and the artists in a meaningful way. By leveraging digital tools and carefully curated physical exhibitions, we provide an enriching art experience that reflects our core values: Passion for Art, Flexibility, and Dedication.

Some of our pieces have already been expertly framed with high-quality, bespoke picture frames and mounts. Careful consideration has been taken to ensure that each setting perfectly complements the individual artwork. Please Contact us for more information about our service.

Ability to adapt

There is mounting evidence that the art world is undergoing a transformation and online purchases have gained popularity. Nevertheless, we recognize the importance of human interaction, collective thought, and collaboration in creating a truly remarkable art experience.

Our aim is to help artists and clients traverse the art world with the aid of digital tools, and to move away from the traditional model of art marketing. Fine Arts Evolution can be seen as a bridge between the two realms, relieving the burden and freeing up the artist’s time so they can focus on what they do best, while also helping clients and collectors to easily discover meaningful works of art.

Our business was inspired by Jonathan Truss, a talented professional animal artist renowned for his captivating representations of wildlife. Jonathan has an eye for detail and an ability to capture the beauty of nature in his artwork. His passion for art and animals has been the driving force behind our success.

Our Artists