ABOUT Jonathan Truss

Jonathan Truss Wildlife Artist

Jonathan Truss is a renowned wildlife artist of 30 years’ experience

Jonathan Truss is a distinguished British wildlife and hyper-realistic artist with 30 years of experience, recognized for his exceptional talent and contributions to the art world. A two-time winner of the BBC Wildlife Artist of the Year award, Jonathan hails from the UK but has earned global acclaim for his work, showcased in numerous international exhibitions.

Renowned for his detailed and high-quality oil paintings, Jonathan has shared his knowledge and passion through engaging talks and tutorials across the globe. His commitment to art education is evident through his nine-year tenure as Guest Artist with P&O and Cunard Cruises, and his leadership in art safaris across five continents annually since 2004. His travels have taken him to diverse locales like India, Canada, Madagascar, The Galapagos, and the Arctic, with Botswana, Zambia, and Kenya being his primary sources of inspiration.

“I am incredibly fortunate to have had the opportunity to collaborate with a diverse array of clients and charities from various industries throughout my career.”

Notable achievements include painting a life-size big tusker elephant in 2016 and creating a documentary in collaboration with the Born Free Foundation in 2019. Additionally, Jonathan’s skills have successfully venture into the realm of fiction, painting exciting characters from the Star Wars universe. This foray into popular culture contributes to my innovative Space and Equine Collections, further showcasing his versatility and acclaim as a leading contemporary representational artist.


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